About Us

Joy of life, quality and taste - that's what we stand for. Our innovative products are not only the perfect complement to a conscious diet, they also provide your own personal moments of pleasure.

From a dairy factory to a specialist for plant-based drinks

As early as 2002, our managing directors recognised the advantages of plant-based drinks and abandoned the then dairy business in Oberwart, in the Austrian province of Burgenland, and switched to the production of our delicious soy drink.

We soon expanded our range and now offer not only drinks but also alternatives to yogurt, tofu, desserts and ice creams made from oats, rice, almonds and much more.

Variety is our second name

Joya offers a variety of over 60 plant-based products such as drinks, tofu, desserts, ice creams and alternatives to yoghurt. So you have countless ways to incorporate delicious plant-based alternatives into your meals. Joya can be enjoyed just the way you like it - pure, sweet or savoury!

It is our goal to make plant-based products a vital part of our everyday nutrition - and we give 100% to reach this goal!

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All over Europe, we stand for plant-based pleasure, the best taste - and pure joie de vivre. Because our delicious and innovative products support your balanced and conscious lifestyle.