About Us

Taste, quality and a zest for life - this is what we stand for! Our innovative products are not only the perfect part of a balanced, plant-based diet, but also a source of joy!

But we want even more!

We want to break new ground and work sustainable fair and fit for the future. At the same time we want to support you to live a healthy lifestyle full of joy!

Since 2002 Joya has been focused on carefully selected raw materials from Austria and Europe, fair partnerships with our farmers and a sustainable production, so we can stand 100% behind our wide range of plant-based products.

Discover Joya - enjoy dreamlike taste!

We are your first choice when you want to discover new things, live your life to the fullest and always strive for more. It is much more than just consuming food, it is a lifestyle choice. You'll want to taste pure plant-based goodness with every sip, every spoonful and keep dreaming.

It is our goal to make plant-based products a vital part of our everyday nutrition - and we give 100% to reach this goal!


All over Europe, we stand for plant-based pleasure, the best taste - and pure joie de vivre. Because our delicious and innovative products support your balanced and conscious lifestyle.

Enjoya life!