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7 easy ways to reduce your sugar consumption

Expert studies over the last few years are unequivocal in their view that sugar consumption is far too high in modern society. The WHO and various nutritional associations recommend a maximum of 50 g sugar per day – that's 10 % of the average daily calorie requirement at most1. Sadly it's often pretty difficult to keep an eye on our sugar intake, as it is "hidden" in many processed foods.

Reduce your sugar intake without even noticing!

A few small tips and tricks are all you need to cut down on sugar without having to sacrifice your sweet tooth. Healthy, low-calorie alternatives are a good solution once you start thinking properly about the food you eat. And this change in attitude starts in the supermarket: next time you go shopping, don't just blindly grab the same old products as always ‒ read up beforehand about how to achieve a balanced, low-sugar diet. Before tossing the item into your trolley, take a look at the nutritional table on the packaging and, if necessary, investigate the list of ingredients – sugar is often disguised by different names. All this will help you start cooking and eating with greater awareness.

Here are our 7 top tips for cutting back on your daily sugar intake:

Reduce your sugar slowly, but surely

Do you usually take your tea or coffee with three teaspoonfuls of sugar? So why not try two teaspoonfuls today, and then next week drop it even further to one. Your taste buds will soon get used to the change and then you can cut the sugar out entirely.


Replace sugary drinks with water

Water isn't just ridiculously important for your body, it also saves you quite a few calories. So instead of reaching for juice or a soft drink, go for a refreshing glass of water (perhaps flavored with a little mint or lime) or a restorative sugar-free herbal tea.

Breakfast with a sugar-free rice drink

A wonderful alternative to set you up for the day: make up your own breakfast granola mix using your favorite ingredients (sugar is usually lurking in ready-made mixes) and use Rice Drink from Joya instead of milk – it's totally sugar-free! In short, a sugar-free rice drink means four grams less sugar per 100 ml than ordinary dairy milk.

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Low-sugar fruit

Local berry varieties not only taste fantastic, they're also a great way to cut back on sugar. Instead of putting bananas in your home-made smoothie, you can use raspberries, blueberries or strawberries to give your body a super vitamin boost.

Mandel Joghurtalternative Natur mit Beeren und Grapefruit

Take ready-meals with a pinch of salt

Do your best to take ready-meals off the menu. These virtually always have hidden sugar in them, even savory meals such as frozen pizza. But don't be too strict with yourself, as everyone enjoys a ready-made snack from time to time.

Baking with less sugar

Calling all bakers: next time you're at the oven, try to bake using less sugar; half the recipe amount is often enough to whisk up a deliciously sweet treat. Again, you can gradually reduce your quantities to accustom yourself to a less intense sugar hit.

Opt for plant alternatives

To cut down on lactose, choose plant alternatives rather than dairy products. A little example: Instead of normal yogurt, mix your fruit salad with the sugar-free Almond Yogurt Alternative Natural, which saves you 4.5 g sugar (per 100 g).

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