Nachhaltige Weihnachten - Woman giving a gift that is wrapped in a cloth and decorated with a fir branch and dried orange slices

Green Christmas: 6 tips for sustainable Christmas

Christmas is a time for family, friends and festivities ‒ but unfortunately, we often overshoot the mark. Instead of enjoying the beauties of the Advent period, most of us find ourselves obsessing over shopping lists as long as our arm and scouring the stores for food and gifts, all so we can make Christmas “perfect”. But we’ll show you how to change all that, simply by making a few small adjustments and bearing responsible consumerism in mind.

Mindfulness, not madness

With these six simple tips, you can make your Christmas more environmentally-friendly without having to make any sacrifices whatsoever.

1. Christmas baking

What would Christmas be without cookies and chocolate!? Of course, this time of year is virtually unthinkable without all those sweet treats, but you can still make some more sustainable decisions. Plant products, for example, require fewer resources than animal ones, helping the world achieve a much better eco balance. So if you fancy trying something new, have a look at our divine treat recipes: we’ve got Coconut and Almond Slices or vegan Vanilla Crescents.

2. Natural Christmas decorations

Draw inspiration from nature: take a closer look around you next time you’re out for a winter walk; you’ll be sure to spot small treasures that make wonderful adornments. Whether pine cones or even just an arrangement of a few beautiful branches – nature’s gifts can be used to brighten up your living room!

3. Christmas tree

Every year after Christmas, the local waste facilities are stacked with sad-looking Christmas trees, limply radiating the vestiges of their former festive spirit. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can now rent living trees, which are then replanted back in the forest after the festive period is over. If you opt for a single use tree, make sure that all the tinsel and other decorations have been removed before deposing.

4. Reusable wrapping

Nothing could be easier! This year you can wrap your gifts sustainably. Whether in reusable paper bags, wooden crates, decorated newspaper or your very own hand-stitched fabrics, it won’t just be the environment that will thank you for it! Those who wish to give their gifts a special touch could even use the natural decorations they collected from the great outdoors. A small fir twig attached to the ribbon gives your wrapping an enchanting appearance!

5. Home-made presents

You don’t always have to buy stuff; friends and family often appreciate the value of home-made presents much more. This might be a lovingly put-together photo collage or a hand-crafted piece of jewelry; home-made food is also a winner. If you want to impress, try your hand at our recipes for vegan Gingerbread Liqueur or a Vanilla Latte Spice Mix!

6. Give the gift of memories

The most lasting presents are experiences shared together. You don’t always have to buy things to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces. Give them a day’s hiking, an exciting weekend break or a special dinner – there’s nothing nicer than spending time together.

So all that remains to do is wish you all a wonderful, peaceful Christmas and happy holidays – enjoy!