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Which milk alternative is the right one for me?

The selection of plant-based milk alternatives is growing and growing. These points will make it easier for you to choose your favorite:

For a long time, soy milk was the only plant-based milk alternative on the market. Now there are vegan drinks aplenty, because many other plants are just as suitable as the soy bean for a base. We’ll give you an overview that will help you choose your favorite drink:

The base of milk alternatives

To make milk substitutes, you need grains, pulses or nuts that you can soak well and then press. The resulting “milk” must have many properties that are similar to cow's milk. Appearance, consistency, nutrient profile and, of course, flavor must be right so that the drink tastes good and can be used for cooking and baking.

Allergen-free drinks

One completely allergen-free product is the Rice Drink. The gentle processing of the grain creates a mild, white drink that can be used just like milk in coffee or muesli, as well as for cooking and baking.

Advantages of rice drinks: allergen-free, no intolerances known, mild and sweet taste
Disadvantages of rice drinks: low protein content, difficult to froth


Local grains for drinking: Oat Drinks

Another soy alternative is oats. Although it is an allergen, there is even a gluten-free Oat Drink available from Joya. Oat drinks are characterized by a higher fiber content than, for example, rice or soy drinks. Many consumers also appreciate the regional origin of the grain. Incidentally, only European oats are used in Dream Oat Drinks!

Advantages of oat drinks: Source of fiber, pleasant grainy taste, regional origin, easy to froth
Disadvantages of oat drinks: Gluten allergen (exception: gluten-free Oat Drink), low protein content

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On the rise: Almond drinks

Almond drinks or mixtures of rice or coconut with almond are becoming increasingly popular. Roasted almonds are usually used to highlight the intense nutty taste in the drink. These are worked into a paste and mixed with water and the rest of the ingredients.

Advantages of almond drinks: nutty taste, subtle flavor in combination with rice or coconut, sugar-free
Disadvantages of almond drinks: Nuts can trigger allergies, low protein content


Coconut, cashew & co.

The fan base of nutty drinks is growing and with it the selection of drinks with a coconut, cashew or other nut base. Coconut is very popular due to its flavor and it tastes amazing combined with almond or rice.

Which other drink would you like?

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