Soya Strawberry

low in fat

You can't improve on the taste of the most popular fruit. One good reason why strawberries are the only fruit in our Joya Soya Yogurt Alternative Strawberry. Enjoy this sweet little red fruit and a milk yogurt alternative made from carefully selected soya beans. Vegan and delicious!

What makes it so good?

soya base 77,5% (water, soya beans 11%) sugar, strawberries 7%, strawberry juice 4% (from strawberry juice concentrate), calcium citrate, starch, pectin, locust bean gum, black carrot juice concentrate, natural flavouring, citric acid, sodium citrate, salt, yogurt cultures

Whats inside?

200 g dream like taste
Joya Soya Yogurt Alternative Strawberry
gluten free sugar free low in fat lactose free vegan


per 100 ml/g
Energy 385 kJ, 85 kcal
Fat 2.1 g
(of which saturates) 0.3 g
(of which mono unsaturates) 0.6 g
(of which polyunsaturates) 1.2 g
Carbohydrate 12.3 g
(of which sugar) 11.5 g
Fibre 1 g
Protein 3.7 g
Salt 0.1 g
Calcium 120 mg**

**15% of the nutrient reference values

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