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At Joya, we believe that living consciously and enjoying life can go hand in hand. Our long-standing Austrian brand is dedicated to crafting the finest dairy alternatives that not only taste delightful but also leave a positive impact on the environment. With over 20 years of expertise, Joya has perfected the art of creating plant-based drinks, yogurts and cuisines that spark joy in every indulgent moment. We strive to create a space where everyone can embrace a conscious lifestyle without compromising on the joy of amazing taste.


Our Values

Our Values

Bringing you joy with a wide range of high-quality, great-tasting products - that's what Joya is all about.

Our products not only offer wonderful taste, but also benefit the planet and the animals we share it with. Decreasing the consumption of animal-based products has a great impact on our CO2 footprint, and it also reduces the suffering of animals bred for their milk.

It is our commitment to source local ingredients, wherever possible, and create new and innovative products with delicious taste - all that in our home country Austria.

It is our goal to make plant-based products a vital part of our everyday nutrition – that’s why Joya offers a big variety of products, that fit your every need. From barista for your perfect morning coffee, delightful cooking creams that add a dash of joy to your dishes to super creamy yogurt alternatives for you morning cereal.

There are countless ways to incorporate them into your meals every day. Joya can be enjoyed just the way you like it - pure, sweet, or savoury! Find more inspiration on our recipe page.

Our Promise

Local Sourcing for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

One of our core principles is sourcing locally whenever possible. Our soybeans are always obtained from Austria, with many coming from farms just a stone's throw away from our production site in Oberwart, Burgenland. By minimizing the distance our ingredients travel, we reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation. This approach not only supports the local economy but also guarantees that we receive only the highest-quality products.

Nurturing Sustainable Relationships

At Joya, we believe in building enduring partnerships with the suppliers who provide us with essential ingredients. These long-standing collaborations ensure that we maintain a consistent supply of high-quality oats, always sourced from within the EU and primarily from Austria and Germany. These relationships not only promote transparency and trust but also enable us to continue our journey towards sustainable sourcing.

Turning Waste into Fertilizer

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond sourcing and production. We take responsibility for the waste generated during the creation of our plant-based products. Rather than allowing it to go to waste, we repurpose these by-products and return them to the very farmers who supply our ingredients. This circular approach ensures that waste is transformed into natural fertilizer, enriching the soil and promoting healthier crops.

Our Promise

Our History

Did you know that the history of our company goes back to 1926 when the dairy plant in Oberwart was founded? We've come a long way since then.

We were the first dairy company in Europe who took the plunge and switched production completely to plant-based milk alternatives. The reason? We believe in the benefits of plant-based foods - not only for us but also for the planet and the animals.

As early as 1999, our managing directors recognized the advantages of plant-based drinks and started the production of soya alternatives in the then dairy plant in Oberwart, Austria. Soon we expanded our range and now offer not only drinks but also alternatives to yogurts and cooking creams in a great variety of bases like oats, soya, almonds, and many more.

Join the Joya Journey

At Joya, we cherish a community of open-minded individuals who share our passion for making the world a better place, one delicious sip at a time. Whether you have allergies, intolerances, want to reduce your consumption of animal products or are a full-hearted vegan, we welcome you with open arms. Embrace a lifestyle that celebrates both mindful choices and the pure joy of living life to the fullest. Join our community on social media and share your joyful moments with our products!

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and share your joyful moments with our products!