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Why you should drink your coffee with plant-based milk

Coffee can have positive effects on our body, provided it is not drunk with regular milk. Researchers from Graz (Austria) have come to this conclusion.

Coffee is better than its reputation

Coffee has long had the reputation of being bad for your health. It was suspected of raising blood pressure, harming the stomach and dehydrating the body. Not to mention sleep disorders and circulatory problems. Meanwhile, most of these arguments have been disproved or relativized in relation to other factors. From a scientific perspective, there is nothing wrong with drinking several cups of coffee a day if you tolerate it well. While new positive effects of coffee are constantly being proven, such as its hepatoprotective effect, there is bad news for lovers of milky coffee.

It’s better to give up milky coffee

Certain positive effects of coffee are prevented when it is consumed together with animal protein. Researchers from the Institute for Molecular Biosciences at the University of Graz came to this conclusion. They research cell-cleaning processes, the so-called autophagy. “It’s a type of self-digestive program that cleans and detoxifies the cells. This cellular waste disposal is mainly triggered by controlled fasting”, says one of the study authors, Prof Dr Frank Madeo. Coffee is an autophagy trigger, even when not fasting. Good news for all coffeeholics!

Scientists recommend plant-based milk

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However, further findings led researchers to the conclusion that coffee should be drunk with plant-based milk or black. Animal proteins can inhibit the autophagy process, thus canceling out the effect of the coffee.Professor Madeo recommends:

“So drink coffee with a clear conscience, but preferably black or with plant-based milk such as almond or coconut milk.”

Plant-based drinks for coffee

Apart from almond and coconut drinks, there are many other drinks that are right for coffee lovers. The Dream & Joya Almond Drink Barista is particularly good in coffee because it’s especially mild and completely sugar-free! For allergy sufferers, rice drinks are highly recommended. And for those who want extra flavor, the Joya Oat Drink Vanilla or Soya Drink Choco is recommended.


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